How Can You Access TCS Mail On Android Mobile

How Can You Access TCS Mail On Android Mobile

How Can You Access TCS Mail On Android Mobile? Well, who have smartphones with an Android OS, here is the good news. All such employees can now easily access the TCS webmail directly through their Smartphones. How and what are the steps to be learned everything going to be learned through here. Before that let us undergo a simple overview of TCS Webmail.

You might have heard that TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), one of the multinational IT company have introduced this Webmail to keep in touch with each and every employee who especially working over there. Recently it has been turned up into the Secure VPN(Virtual Private Network). So, therefore, it has been a bit difficult to access TCS Webmail from outside.

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But don’t worry!! Be cool!! Anyhow, I had come with the steps involved that might help you to access TCS Webmail on your corresponding Android device itself. And the name of the app is none other than Citrix receiver, very much compatible with all the Android Smartphones. So,  are you ready to learn? If your answer is yes, here we go.

A Few Lines About the TCS Webmail

TCS abbreviated as Tata Consultancy Services introduced years ago and headquartered at Mumbai. This is simply one can say as a multinational company hired and manage a huge number of employees, training them well for not to drop the performance levels respectively. Soon after the introduction has turned as a most competitive company over worldwide.

And this webmail offered by the TCS is completely powered by the Ultimax. It held responsible for serving the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) in a proper way. This is going to handle the routes or simply manages the services like Salary Management, Timesheet, HR Services, and many more associated with the company.

How Can You Access TCS Mail On Android Mobile

Finally, we have come to point straightforwardly. Here let us undergo the steps or instructions provided in a clear and better understandable format.

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  • Take your Smartphone and go to the play store. Before moving to the play store make sure you are successfully login to your Google account.
  • Now search for the Citrix Receiver app through the in-built search bar available in the play store.
  • Locate the app and once you have identified, tap on install [green] button to get in onto our smartphone.
  • Wait till the entire process gets complete successfully.
  • Now launch the Citrix Receiver app and open the login page known as Netscaler Gateway.
  • Try to provide the Ultimatix login credentials as input for obtaining the successful login.
  • Thereafter it directly takes you to the corresponding webmail by taking the help of this particular Actrix receiver app.
  • Do select the Lotus webmail which directs you to the corresponding Webmail page.
  • Right there you need to enter the details like username and password and then hit login.
  • You are all set to access emails through the Smartphone successfully.

Does TCS Mail On Android Mobile Works?

Well, let me tell you, the answer is yes. Absolutely it works no matter where you are needy to access the corresponding mails. The only part you have to follow the above steps and implement as it is to start accessing successfully.

Hopefully, the details provided here are 100% clear and understandable. If in case of any doubts, you are requested to post a comment. We will help in resolving out. Also, if you need any details, just simply mention in terms of the comment. We will update you with the needful content. Thank you. If you like the article, do share with friends and also through any social profile without any fail. Thank you. Keep connected with TCS Webmail for learning more and more useful content posted over here.

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