How Do I Set up a TCS Email Box on iOS?

How Do I Set up a TCS Email Box on iOS?

TCS Email Box on iOS: Not only through online or from the Android Smartphones, but you can also now easily accessible through the iPhone too without facing any kind of single error. Why we need TCS Email Box on iOS? This s because let me tell you many people maintain the iPhone rather than the Android Smartphones.

So for such people who currently using iPhone, and to enhance easy access towards TCS Webmail, offered by the company. The TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) today if you have seen ranked around 64th place and in turn playing a highly competitive role in the entire market.

How do I access my TCS email from outside

This is one of the top Indian leading companies and held responsible for generating around 77% dividends subjected to the TATA. Recently come crossed Webmail converting it later into the one and only secure VPN. So, that means today we are going to learn about secure VPN so-called TCS Email Box on iOS platform.

How Do I Set up a TCS Email Box on iOS?

Here we are going to learn the simple steps involved to set up and how exactly to access the one respective TCS Email box by taking the help of Citrix app provided below in simple steps. So, are you ready to learn? If your answer is yes, here we go.

webmail tcs

  • The very first, take your iPhone and visit the app store.
  • Locate the app so-called Citrix receiver app by taking the help of an in-built search bar.
  • Once you have been identified, you are requested to tap or click on the install [green] button without any fail.
  • Wait till the whole process gets completed successfully. And once you are done with it, launch the app.
  • Thereafter do open the Netscaler Gateway by visiting without making any kind of second thought. This is what considered as the login page of Tata consultancy services (TCS).
  • Now provide the login details as an input and then click on the one specific button so-called log on.
  • And this automatically going to be redirected to access webmail successfully taking only less amount of time.
  • Right there if you notice there is an option called lotus webmail. Tap on it to get the TCS Webmail page right away.
  • Finally, enter the login credentials and then start accessing emails through your iOS device straightforwardly.

All this means you need to take the help of one and only Citrix receiver. That means you are successfully allowed to access numerous emails even from the outside successfully. But make sure you are now ready to access various mails right only on the one and only secure device. Also, one more specific point to be noted down is the emails present over the Citrix receiver app going to be alive for 3 days.

Older than 3 days, you are no more have a right to access the emails present in the app. If for suppose, feel something suspicious that is going to be happening at your account, directly without making second thought boot the system or device and scan immediately to remove such harmful threats.

Can you help me to reset my TCS webmail?

The following are the simple steps that help you to reset my TCS webmail respectively. Go through one by one and implement the same to reset it successfully.

  • First and foremost, log in the Ultimatix and move to your profile.
  • Visit the password management and then you are requested to webmail option.
  • Fill out the details like secret questions and Ultimatix password respectively.
  • After the entry, you are all ready to reset the TCS Webmail 100% effectively.

Hopefully, the details provided here are totally clear and understandable. If you have any doubts regarding this, just drop down a single comment in the below box. So that I will help in resolving out and also update with the needful information. Thank you. If you like the article, do share through any of the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Stay connected with tcswebmail for learning more and more interesting details updating here frequently.

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