How Do I Access My TCS Email from Outside?

How Do I Access My TCS Email from Outside?

How Do I Access My TCS Email from Outside? Tata Consultancy Services or TCS today has become one of the popular and highly competitive companies employing a huge number of employees respectively. It is basically headquartered in Mumbai. Later has spread various branches and training, equally monitoring around 387,000+ professionals without any fail.

The services mainly like banking sectors, BPO, IT, and many more were offered through this company. A few years later, recently, they have undergone changes especially on accessing the one and only employee portal called a Webmail. This has been totally turned over into the Virtual Private Network (VPN). That means by taking the help of this VPN, you are all set to access the network privately.

How do I access my TCS email from outside

And all this data remotely going to share through public networks respectively. Thereby it has become very difficult for any employee and claiming that, feeling difficulty access my TCS Email from outside. This is in previous days. But now completely changed. Things made easier. And now employees without facing hurdles has a chance to get access to their portal. How? We are going to learn here.

How Do I Access My TCS Email from Outside?

TCS has been introduced in various ways that completely helps to access TCS email from outside. Yes, and this is none other than a Citrix Receiver. By taking the help of this feature, you are all set to access your portal successfully without facing any kind of trouble. The only thing you have to undergo is following below instructions carefully and implement the same to start accessing TCS Email through outside.

myapp tcs

  • Take your smartphone and locate the app so-called Citrix receiver app in the play store.
  • Once you have been located, you are requested to tap on the install [green] button respectively.
  • Wait till the entire process gets complete. And once done, launch the app.
  • Now, do open the Netscaler Gateway by visiting respectively.
  • And this is the login page of Tata consultancy services TCS.
  • Provide the login credentials as an input and then tap on the button so-called log on.
  • You will automatically be redirected to access one’s particular webmail successfully.
  • Right there select the lotus webmail for getting the TCS Webmail page.
  • Now do enter the login credentials and start accessing emails either through iOS devices or Android Smartphones respectively.

That means when you take the help of Citrix receiver, you are allowed to access any number of emails from outside successfully. Make sure you are accessing these mails only on the secure device. Also, the important point to be noted down is the emails present in the Citrix receiver going to be alive only for 3 days.

Older than 3 days, you are not supposed to access all such emails respectively. If in case, feel something suspicious thing going to be taken place, boot the system scan immediately for removing such threats.

Can I Access My TCS Webmail even though I forgot Password?

So, for this, let me first explain to you. Accessing TCS Webmail is very much possible only when you restore it by taking the help of the Ultimatix web portal.

Accordingly, the details or information provided here is completely clear and understandable. If you still have any doubts regarding these, drop a single comment. I will help in resolving the entire doubts also update with the needful content at the right time. Thank you. If you like the article, do share through any of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or any other. Keep in touch with tcswebmail for learning more and more useful or needful details that are going to be posted over here.

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